About Victoria



Welcome to the world of Infinity by Victoria.

I am delighted to introduce you to my first jewellery collection « Infinity by the sea ». My wish is to inspire you to dream and journey through this beautiful, limitless universe, thanks to unique creations that have been made with love and devotion. This fresh, joyful and colourful collection was inspired by the infinite blue of the sea and its rich abundance of ever-changing hues.

As a gemologist, I also want to share with you my passion for gemstones, which is why I love to use plenty of stunning natural stones in my creations, including turquoise, aquamarine and amazonite – my favourite!

From Aristotle to Kant, the concept of infinity has captured imaginations and fascinated intellects for centuries. Personally, I am both intrigued and enchanted by the idea of the infinite... We can never pin it down or define it, and its vast eternity is overwhelming, but we all believe or want to believe in it because it’s so full of hope and possibility!

Infinite love, infinite friendship, infinite passion, infinite trust, infinite health… The wonder of Infinity is that it never ends… This is the beautiful and uplifting philosophy that I want to share through my collection, and I hope it helps you find your own sweet escape into the infinity of time, world and universe.

With Infinite Love,